Design: Rooted Gypsy Farms

Over the past few months, I've had the chance to work with Rooted Gypsy Farms in developing their branding and website. I am really pleased with how everything came together. The farm grows unique vegetables and herbs year-round thanks to their greenhouse and aquaponics system. I am really fond of their mission to provide nourishing produce for their community in Colorado.  

Please visit their website at Rooted Gypsy Farms to see more of the beautiful photographs by their photographer, Tyler Logan

Rooted Gypsy Farms by Eva Moon Press
Rooted Gypsy Farms - Welcome - Eva Moon Press
Rooted Gypsy Farms - About - Eva Moon Press
Rooted Gypsy Farms - Farm Food - Eva Moon Press
julia neises
Beautiful Things #18: Holiday Wrapping

This year, I'm excited to add botanical elements to my gifts and these photos provide wonderful inspiration. Because I'm traveling for Christmas, my wrapping kit includes a few items that will add the finishing touch to my simple craft paper wrapping: pressed leaves, small fir boughs, twine and yarn, washi tape, and tags. 

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julia neises
Beautiful Things #17: Modern Biedermeier

During the early 19th century, the German (and especially Austrian) interiors style known as Biedermeier became popular as focus shifted to the importance of nature in an urban setting. During this rise in urbanism, decorative arts and interior design focused on developing the Biedermeier "lifestyle" of curated nature scenes. These included a menagerie of greenery, elaborately tiered houseplants with birdcages and fishbowls, and light-filled bay windows with seating. Nature motifs were carved in fruitwood furniture (moving away from metals), as well as nature scenes hand painted on glass and porcelain. 

The essence of our modern notion of "outside in" is not much different. While the overall style has developed with time, we still practice a love for houseplants. There are health benefits, but I believe urbanism plays a big role in our love for indoor greenery. And, of course, it's fun to watch plants grow!

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julia neises