Paper: Midori Notebooks

Sometimes it takes a while to find the perfect materials for a project. It's always worth the wait. Once I settle on a brand or "look" it becomes my go-to for years. For over 10 years I've exclusively used the classic black Moleskine journal. And now I'm adding Midori products to my rotation. I like their sturdy feel and how the craft paper covers age elegantly over time. Last year, I made a memory book with the mini Bee notebook (window envelopes spiral bound together and enclosed in a cover) for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. 

This summer, I'm taking the full-size Bee notebook on a road trip. I plan to fill it with postcards, photographs, and pressed flowers. 

I purchased this notebook from Baum-kuchen , which shipped my order the same day! They have a great selection of Midori products (and I highly recommend the Midori brass pen).