Books I Love: Part 1, Typography

Over the years, I've collected a number of books that I use as tools for inspiration when designing. For today's post I've gathered some of my favorites to share. You'll find links and a little information about each title after the jump. Enjoy!

Emigre Type Catalogs : For fun specimens of new typefaces available from the Emigre designers. I've had Mr. Eaves Sans on my wishlist for months!

Typology by Steven Heller and Louise Fili : A useful journey through the history typography with examples from many of the design movements all over the globe.

The 26 Letters by Oscar Ogg : Ever wonder how Hieroglyphics became our Roman alphabet? This book explains things simply, using examples from the Greek alphabet to early printing techniques.

Type Design & Typography by Frederic Goudy, Vol. I & II : In these volumes, Goudy writes about the development of each typeface he designed. It's like a behind-the-scenes feature of typography + a little memoir.

The Elements Of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst : Curl up with this at night and you'll learn almost everything you need to know about typography. I lovingly refer to this one as the Bible of Type.

Thinking With Type by Ellen Lupton : If you're a visual learner like me this book will be helpful in learning the basics of type and composition (there's a whole section on grids!). Divided into three sections (Letter, Text, and Grid), Lupton covers the necessities.

Using Type Correctly by Kurt H. Volk : An old-school book with great information. I love turning to these pages when I have a quick question about type classifications and identification. Also, there's a surprise pocket in the back that holds a pica pole! How charming.

Alphabets and Ornaments by Ernst Lehner : I'd be lost without Dover books. Alphabets and Ornaments is full of inspiring designs and alphabets that can be used freely because they're not under copyright.

American Wood Type 1828-1900 by Rob Roy Kelly : One of the treasures of my library, I turn to this book when I'm searching for inspiration because it has a lot of examples of typography I've never seen before. Feel free to join me as I geek out about one of my favorite topics: wood type.