Field Trip: Type A Press

On a recent road trip (really just a bunch of field trips all strung together) in and around Oregon I had the great pleasure of visiting a few print shops. My first stop was Type A Press in McMinnville, a charming town located between Portland and Salem in what is known as Oregon's wine country. Just outside this city I found rolling green hills, vineyards, and all kinds of bucolic scenery. Inside the city, and especially downtown, I was wooed by wine tasting bars, a chocolate shop, great restaurants (the breakfast at Community Plate really left an impression), and much to my delight, Type A Press.

Type A press is a charming space in a charming town, full of warm light and cheerfulness. I was so grateful to connect with Chelsey and get to hear what she loves about living and printing in McMinnville. Her Chandler & Price printing press was originally used for the local newspaper, owned and operated by her family for generations. I really cherish the connections I make with other printers, it's fun to talk about nerdy things (gauge pins!) and see how other people set up shop and make a living doing what they love.

Here are a few photos from around the shop.

 Long live Type A Press!