Plant Love: fresh from the garden

Like many folks this Spring, I have been sick with the flu. After a week in bed, I'm finally on the mend. So, this morning I made my first journey outside in days (my legs felt strangely wobbly!).  And I have a few flowers stories to share with you...

01. Scented Geraniums
I have an Old Fashion Rose Scented Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) growing in my yard (the leaves carry the scent). Little did I know, it repels misquotes. I also learned that in the kitchen, a single leaf added to your favorite tea makes for a nice iced or hot brew. I have to admit my geranium is looking a little wild at this moment, but that's because I can't keep with how fast it grows. (Read: perfect for the forgetful gardener.)

02. The Red Rose
I'm constantly learning about the plants in my yard. A few weeks ago, my neighbor (a gardener by trade) gave me some tips on how to keep my rosebush healthy. She says that it's important to prune the suckers that grow around the original stock of the grafted rose. You can generally recognize the suckers by their profuse thorns. She also let me know that roses like a lot of air circulation, so it's good to thin out excess leaves--a time consuming task best done wearing gloves. (I'm also currently obsessed with this kind of blush and grey Ash Wednesday rose.)

03. Pressed Flowers
When I was young, I kept books and journals full of pressed leaves and flowers. Somehow over the years, I feel out of habit. A great post on Baum-Kuchen re-inspired me. So, I'm going to follow these directions and start the habit anew. I also like how this shop turned a book press into a flower press.

04. Mock Orange
I'm currently reading Thoughtful Gardening, an inspiring and witty book by Robin Lane Fox about the history of plants and people involved in the world of gardening. In one of the chapters I read about Mock Orange, only to discover it blooming for the first time in my yard. What a pleasant surprise, what a pleasant fragrance it brings as a bouquet.

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