Plant Love : potted succulents

It's Spring and I'm attempting to make use of the space on my front porch. I'm hopeful for dinners on the porch and maybe even a leisurely weekend brunch on the porch. So, after I saw this colorful photo of mini cacti in a bowl (on Pinterest, via here) I decided to fill a corner of my space with potted succulents, herbs, and flowers.

A few tips for potted succulents:

- Soil preparation is vital. Succulents really love loose, sandy-like soil, so I mix in a lot of Perlite (also great for building terrariums) with my potting soil. You can also use a handful of sand, layer of charcoal or small pebbles to help with drainage.

- My porch gets partial sun during the day, which is good for the varieties I've planted. Check the tag on your succulent, or ask at your local nursery. I also keep succulents indoors near windows and they thrive well that way too!

- Generally you're safe with two to three inches of soil, but add more soil depending on the rootball of your plant. In other words, tiny succulents are sweet for tiny containers.  :)

- Most succulents like to dry out between waterings. I water these little dudes every other week and they're happy.

P.S. Inspiration on the left, my plants on the right. Happy gardening!