Hello. Inspire. march 2013

What's on my mind: Spring! Baking! Lemons! Soaking up the Springtime evening light (if I can't be in Paris, I guess Berkeley will do:), gardening (more on that soon), flowers, and classic logos. 

1| Dreaming of a Springtime trip to Paris

2| Sweet quote from the greatest Julia. See type inspiration here. See Julia's kitchen here

3| I made this Meyer Lemon Pound Cake and it was delicious! 

4| Beautiful illustrations on this book cover by Chris Silas Neal. Read about his process here

5| Louise Fili's work is everywhere I turn--from book covers to logos I see on a weekly basis. She's a go-to source of inspiration and I especially love this logo for Mermaid Oyster Bar and The Mermaid Inn. P.S. I was re-introduced to Fili via her interview on the Design Matters podcast

Many thanks to the sweetheart who left a handful of lemons on our doorstep yesterday. How did you know?!