Color Index: Mission Dolores Basilica

While I was wandering through the Mission in San Francisco over the weekend, I found myself at the base of the Mission Dolores Basilica amazed to see the Basilica glowing like I'd never seen before. Naturally, I removed my sunglasses and snapped a few photos. This gem of ornate and colorful Gothic architecture inspired my yearning for Spring. Maybe it's the bright blue sky? Maybe it's the strong-yet-delicate structure?

A few notes of history:
- Mission Dolores (next to the Basilica) is the oldest structure in San Francisco.
- The Basilica was rebuilt after the 1906 earthquake and was completed in 1918.
- Scenes from Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo were filmed in Mission Dolores and the cemetery. (If you're in the Bay Area, Vertigo is screening at the Pacific Film Archive this Thursday as part of their Hitchcock festival.)