Victorian calling cards

There were many sights to see on my road trip across Oregon last week. We spent more than one day picking our way through antique shops and I found a few sweet treasures. At our last stop, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a collection of vintage calling cards from a few different eras. I wanted the whole collection, of course, but I ended up picking out these three favorites.

I was curious why the cards didn’t have any information except for a name, so I did some sleuthing… Here’s what I learned: calling cards got their name from when people would “call on” or “visit” friends. It was common that a card was left by the door as a reminder of who visited.

There is a variety of trends in the decorations used on cards that emerged over the years. They exhibit interesting early examples of various types of design—die cut paper, embossing, lithography printing, letterpress printing, hand tinting, and elaborate calligraphy.

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